Celebrating Artistic Excellence: CDS 1st Annual IB Learner Profile Art Contest

At Carrollwood Day School, fostering creativity and nurturing the development of well-rounded individuals is at the core of our educational philosophy. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, we constantly encourage our students to explore various forms of expression. We are thrilled to announce our first IB Learner Profile Art Contest, focusing on the remarkable traits of Caring and Thinker!

The contest was an incredible opportunity for our students in all divisions to showcase their artistic abilities and exhibit the qualities that define the IB learner profile, with guidance from their dedicated art teachers Mrs. Most, Ms. Veselis, Mrs. Mckinney, and Mr. Firestone. From kindergarten to 12th grade, our talented students poured their hearts and souls into creating captivating artworks that depicted these essential qualities. We were blown away by the incredible talent and creativity on display!

Submissions included various art mediums, including photography, 2-D, and 3-D, allowing our students to explore their artistic expression in diverse ways. Artworks ranged from thought-provoking visual compositions to innovative sculptures that truly brought the themes of "caring" and "thinker" to life. The student work displayed was meticulously judged based on a comprehensive criterion rubric, assessing the effective use of skills and techniques in depicting the chosen learner profile traits. From there, winners were selected from each division and were invited to a special luncheon where they were celebrated for their artistic and innovative achievements.

Congratulations to the following IB Art Contest Winners: 

Lower School

Kindergarten - Ariella R.

1st grade - Paige R.                 

2nd grade - Hana S.

3rd grade - Olivia O.

4th grade - Penelope H. 

5th grade - Julnar A.


Middle School

1st place - Zoe A. 

2nd place - Gabriel L.

3rd place - Lydia C.


Upper School

1st place - Lola B. 

2nd place - Jada C.

3rd place - Paula S.


A special thank you goes out to our outstanding CDS art teachers, Ms. McKinney, Mr. Firestone, Ms. Veselis, and Ms. Most, for their dedication and guidance throughout the contest. Your passion for the arts has nurtured the creative spirit in our students.