CDS Valentines Sweethearts

Love is in the air here at Carrollwood Day School and we thought we'd take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of some CDS couples whose relationships blossomed here at Carrollwood Day School. Take a trip down memory lane to reminisce on all the love that was created here! 

Meet Desiree Winslow Saleh '10 and Ethan Saleh 8th Grade Alumnus '09

Ethan and I are currently living in Saint Petersburg with our dog Nala. I am a marriage and family therapist and working towards completing my doctorate in traumatology. Ethan is working diligently at applying for veterinary school while working as a surgical nurse and is nearing the end of a nursing program in the meantime. 

How we met according to Desiree: 

Unknowingly to us, our story began years ago at CDS. Fast forward several years later, he definitely caught my eye at my brother and his sister’s high school graduation, but we didn’t speak at all! Fast forward a couple of more years, thank goodness for Instagram DM’s, because one night, while at dinner with my family at Oak and Stone, Ethan decided to shoot his shot and messaged me about how good the place is. I’m so glad he did!! Shortly after, we went on the best date ever to see a soccer game and after walking miles in the rain. After the game, we went to play darts (I won). 

How we met according to Ethan: 

Growing up in elementary school, every boy in my grade knew Des as the hottest girl in school. Some of us would joke saying we would date her, and some even would say we would marry her. Little did I know that my wish would actually come true. We went to different high schools and colleges but we both wound up back here in the Tampa/ St Pete area. One day while just laying on my couch I saw her post a picture of water and pizza at a local pizza shop which I love and I decided to shoot my shot and see what happens. Little did I know that one message would lead to me falling head over heels in love with the girl I joked about marrying as a CDS elementary student. 


Meet Haley Edson DeBosier '13 and Dr. Collin DeBosier '13 

Collin and I met in 6th grade at CDS but we didn't start dating until he asked me to Prom Junior Year. We attended FSU together and then Collin moved to Michigan to attend MSU Veterinary School. We got married in May of last year and then moved back to Tampa in October after purchasing a home in Carrollwood. Collin currently works at Blue Pearl and I am a realtor with Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services. 

- Haley Edson DeBosier '13


Meet Blake Revello '16 and Seattle York Revello '17

We met in elementary school at CDS and started dated in 10th/11th grade. We’ve been married since June 2021 & live in Odessa, FL with our pup Glacier. Blake does Strategic Analysis for veriMED, a health care company, and I am a Solutions Marketing Manager at Modern Campus, a higher-ed tech company. 

- Seattle York Revello '17