CDS #TeacherTuesday Feature

At Carrollwood Day School, we not only invest in our students and community, but our educators also play an important and vital role here at CDS. We believe in supporting our teachers with proactive mentoring, robust professional development opportunities, and autonomy in the classroom.

Meet Jen Dosher. 

Jen Dosher, currently substituting as Upper School World History Teacher, graduated from the Concept-Based Curriculum Institute over the summer.  Conceptual teaching and learning is an integral part of all IB programs and considered a best practice world wide.  In her year-long course, Jen worked with educators all over the world learning how to bring concept-based inquiry and instruction to the classroom.  During her coursework, she worked with Middle School teacher Cheryl George to create a unit and lesson that she taught in Ms. George’s classroom.  Now that she has graduated, Jen is a certified trainer for Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction.  Jen is grateful for the opportunity to put Concept-Based Inquiry into practices with her world history students this semester.

Jen is a CDS veteran. She first started working at CDS in 1996 and continued until 2018 when she retired from the classroom. Since her retirement, she has worked for the International Baccalaureate as a consultant, workshop leader, site visitor, and more.  She is excited to be able to offer more training for teachers and has even shared with MS and US staff at a Power Hour.

She also has been chosen to present both virtually and in-person in The Hague in Holland - congrats Jen!

Jen continues to astonish us here at Carrollwood Day School and we thank her for her dedication in and out of the classroom!


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