CDS Students Receive SUPERIOR at FBA Districts!

Carrollwood Day School Upper School Ensemble students, for the first time ever, recently participated in the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) District Event. This event is a fantastic opportunity for our CDS Patriots to showcase their musical talents and receive feedback from trained professionals.

The FBA District Event allow students to perform solo or small ensemble pieces in front of judges who are experts in their respective fields. These judges evaluate the performances based on a set of criteria, including tone quality, intonation, technique, and interpretation. Students who receive high marks can earn awards and advance to higher levels of competition.

A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's assessments demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication to their craft. They rehearsed extensively in preparation for this event and put on outstanding performances that earned them recognition from the judges. See below to read their accomplishments and statements from attending the FBS District Event;


Gavin Mullane, Clarinet, 9th, Superior

“Solo and Ensemble was a great experience for me. It took a lot to prepare, but it made me a better musician and made performing easier. Gavin.”

Listen to Gavin’s piece here.


Kiara Torres, Tuba, 10th, Superior

"Solo and ensemble was an amazing experience that not only let me get feedback from a knowledgeable judge but also gave me the chance to truly evolve my playing by spending a lot of time with one piece that pushed me out of my comfort zone."  

Listen to Kiara’s piece here.


Grace Tan, Piano, 10th, Superior on a grade 5 (Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble)

“Solo and Ensemble was an incredible learning opportunity for me as a musician. Being able to have a judge evaluate and give feedback was really important.”


Isabel Lee, Flute, 11th, Superior on a grade 5 (Qualifies for State Solo and Ensemble)

“This was my first time performing a piece for solo and ensemble and was very pleased to hear I got a superior on a grade 5. I’m very grateful for Mr. Mayo and Dr. Arnone for guiding me to create a beautiful story through my solo."

Listen to Isabel’s piece here.


Chelsea Alderman, Flute, 11th, Superior on a Grade 6 (Qualifies for State Solo and Ensemble)

“Receiving a superior on the hardest solo I have yet to perform was an honor. Thank you Mr. Mayo and Dr. Arnone for the opportunities, and Mrs. Hahn for the accompaniment!”

Listen to Chelsea’s piece here.


Sofia Lee, Clarinet, 12th, Superior on a grade 5 (Qualifies for State Solo and Ensemble) 

“I am honored to have received a Superior score on my solo. I had an amazing experience learning and playing my piece as well as upholding the CDS values outside of school.”

Listen to Sofia’s piece here.


Nicholas Katzman, Euphonium, 12th, Superior

“My experience at solo and ensemble was a very good experience. It helped me develop both my skills in my own personal practice, but also helped me support my school ensemble more.”

Listen to Nicholas’ piece here.


Participating in events like this is incredibly valuable for students. It provides them with an opportunity to develop their musical abilities, gain confidence in their performance skills, and receive feedback from professionals who can help them grow and improve.

CDS is incredibly proud of our student's achievements and the hard work they put into their music. We look forward to continuing to support and encourage the CDS music program and students as we strive for excellence and continue to grow.  

A special thank you to Upper School Music Teacher, James Mayo, for supporting and making this happen for our CDS students.