CDS Smashes! Round 3

Smash@CDS is back for Round 3! We have Middleton versus Spoto, Jesuit versus Indian Rocks, East Bay versus Lennard, and our own Carrollwood versus Bloomingdale! 

In our first set of matches, Jesuit came out on top with Ryan B. sweeping the competition while Bloomingdale narrowly scraped out a victory against Carrollwood! East Bay and Middleton conquered their matches, sending their rivals packing! Both Carrollwood and Indian Rocks will have a shot at redemption in the first round of the Loser's Bracket against Spoto and Lennard respectively. Carrollwood came out on top against Spoto, earning them a spot to advance in the Bracket alongside Lennard! Their runs were cut short with Bloomingdale and East Bay taking the match.

Middleton was our first semifinalist duking it out against Jesuit for the crown, with Jesuit sneaking on by for the win. However, don't count Middleton out yet. They have one final chance to claim it all for themselves! With a final, white knuckle kind of matchup, Jesuit pulled off the victory to claim the crown!

Each of these students has put their heart and soul into their gameplay and it shows with their dedication and passion for the Art of Smash. We can not wait to hear and see what they achieve in the near future.

Thank you to Mr. Mascagni for planning and organizing the event, Mr. Ault and Mr. Breitigam for running and facilitating.


A Special thanks to the following schools, staff and students...

Carrollwood Day School

-Nathan Fisher

-Carter Casey

-Aiden S.

-Jeremy C.



-Yoxuel Lopez

-Dylan Burns

-Dante Patterson

-Alex Cardona



-Jackson Simoneua

-Alex Baglin

-Landon Tizzo

-Spencer Olivero

-Alt: Desmond Nieves



-Carmine Sebastiano

-Derek Lezama

-Ryan Burriesci

-Diego Alvarado - Borjas


Indian Rocks

-Reece McKamey

-John Ortiz

-Lucas Zahn

-Christian Custer


East Bay

-Tieko Thompson

-Tyrique Robinson

-Tristian Ditchon

-Noah Taylor

- Alt: Yahkeem Nunez



-Parker Vanasse

-Logan Galewski

-Toby Bergin

-Owen Geiger

-Alt: Psych Faulk

-Stan, the Pizza Man! (Parent) - Bought pizza for coaches and students



-Aydyn Drawdy

-Ricardo Rivera

-Alexander Pino

-Joshua Thompson

And a final message from one of the parents who traveled today to be with us...


"This facility is beautiful! I hope you [Carrollwood] can keep hosting events for all these kids. It's a great way to get them out of the house, but still doing what they love!"

- Darla Geiger (Lennard)

Story Written by: Marcus Breitigam

Photos by: Jason Ault