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CDS Smashes! Round 2
Smashing 2

CDS had the honor of hosting Smashing: Round 2 here in the Tampa Bay area. Local schools, including All Saints Academy, Northside Christian, Middleton, and Jesuit, all made it out to the event with a special appearance from Berkeley Prep to gain some insight into our program. Starting matches involved Liani "Midna" facing off against Jacob "RayQ", Carmine "Hobbes" versus Adam "Cereal", and David "Qwerty4o4" versus Jason "Osjan". Our own CDS Patriot Upper School students took a number of wins and losses with Jacob "Salty Peanut" Cooperman and Nathan "BoiledOden" Fisher entering the Quarter Finals and Semifinals respectively. Our Middle School Smashers, though handed a few losses, came out swinging hard in the Loser Bracket! Ultimately, it was Yoxuel "Oracle" that took the victor's spot in the Bracket!

The previous winner, Carmine "Hobbes" Sebastiano of Jesuit was dethroned by our own Nathan "BoiledOden" and made it into the Winner's Bracket Finals. In a thrilling Final matchup, Nathan versed Yoxuel for the crown!

Congratulations Yoxuel "Oracle" Lopez for a well-fought and well-earned victory!

Students participated in friendly matches after they were knocked out to see how they would fare against others they had not had the opportunity to face. 

A special thank you to the students from other schools who participated! And, another special thank you to parents and coaches for supporting the students in their eSports pursuits! We would not be able to have these events without you!

And thank you to Jason Ault, Marcus Breitigam and Marcus Mascagni for hosting and running the event!

Smashing 2
  • David "Qwerty4o4" Wilson - Northside
  • Jason "Osjan" Baker - Northside
  • Carmine "Hobbes" Sebastiano - Jesuit
  • Adam "Cereal" Eldeeb - All Saints
  • Liani "Midna" Gandia - All Saints
  • Yoxuel "Oracle" Lopez - Middleton
  • Carter "Blunder" Casey - CDS
  • Harrison "TNess" Le - CDS
  • Nathan "BoiledOden" Fisher - CDS
  • Jack "WalterWegi" Pepe - CDS
  • Jacob "Salty Peanut" Cooperman - CDS
  • Jacob "RayQ" Schachter - CDS
  • Drew "DrocKid" H. - CDS
  • Sebastian "SonkPonkle" E. - CDS
  • Tanish "RockyTan" A. - CDS
  • Jason "Lil-Squid" U.G. - CDS
  • Aidan "A Fish" S. - CDS