CDS Robotics at Roboticon: Rising to the Challenge!
Robotics Competition October 2023

This past weekend, the students of Carrollwood Day School's Robotics teams ventured into the exciting world of competition at Roboticon, held at the University Mall. The event was an exhilarating test of their engineering and problem-solving skills, where teams from all over showcased their innovative creations.

The Middle School Robotics team showed their mettle, securing a solid 7th place out of 21 competing teams. Their impressive performance earned them a spot in the quarterfinals, and they were selected to join an alliance, a testament to their teamwork and dedication. Although their journey was a challenging one, they faced a tough match against the competition's top-ranking teams and bowed out of the bracket. Despite the setback, their enthusiasm remains unwavering.

On the other hand, the High School Robotics team faced formidable competition and encountered their share of challenges. Although they exhibited commendable efforts and even made mid-battle adjustments to their robot, luck was not entirely on their side. However, they are not disheartened; instead, they're gearing up for another opportunity to shine, with plans to make crucial improvements to their robot before their next competition in New Port Richey this weekend.

One thing is for sure—both the Middle School and High School Robotics teams at CDS may have faced their share of obstacles, but their indomitable spirit and determination remain their driving force. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from these brilliant young minds, who are just getting started on their incredible robotics journey!

Robotics Competition October 2023

Thank you to faculty advisors, Marcus Breitigam, Lisa Esch, and Sherri Alan, for inspiring and guiding these budding engineers! For more photos, click here.