CDS Model UN team shines at UCF UN Conference
2023 Model UN

As the 2023 Thanksgiving break approached, a dedicated group of students from Carrollwood Day School embarked on a rewarding journey at the University of Central Florida Model United Nations conference. This unique opportunity not only allowed them to engage with fellow delegates from across the state but also served as a platform to refine their debate, resolution, and diplomacy skills. Let's extend our congratulations to these outstanding students who demonstrated unwavering dedication and excellence.

In a specialized committee, junior Kiara Torres took on the role of representing the conservation division for the Florida Everglades Advisory Council. Collaborating with delegates from the EPA, Florida Health Department, and scientists, Kiara addressed critical issues such as invasive species, habitat loss, and oil spills. Her notable achievements include sponsoring three directives, earning recognition from her committee chair.

Another junior, Benny Ortega, represented the United States in the specialized ad hoc committee for the Executive Director for the energy crisis. Benny's influential position led him to sponsor a resolution and take a leadership role among his peers. He successfully formed alliances with Paraguay, Spain, and Costa Rica on the topic of nuclear energy, showcasing his diplomatic prowess.

Freshman Nico Torres, representing Mexico in the Office for Human Rights (OHCHR), passionately discussed journalist safety in conflict zones and the digital age. Nico emerged as a compelling speaker and a key signatory on a proposed resolution.

In their debut at Model United Nations, freshmen Abby Floyd and Ava Ortega left a lasting impression as representatives for Indonesia and Mexico in the United Children’s Fund (UNICEF) committee. Focusing on food security for children in underprivileged regions, both students actively contributed to the committee's discussions and became signatories on resolution proposals, leveraging their countries' NGO relationships for effective negotiation.

These students, with their international perspectives, continue to strengthen the global knowledge base at Carrollwood Day School.

Thank you to Upper School teachers Jen Stanley and Natalie Witherspoon for supporting these students efforts.