CDS Football Seniors Shine on National Signing Day
2023 National Signing Day

Carrollwood Day School's football program proudly celebrated National Signing Day on December 20th, 2023, as nine outstanding seniors committed to pursuing their athletic and academic dreams at the collegiate level. This momentous occasion not only showcased the dedication and talent of these young athletes but also underscored the commitment of Head Football Coach Marshall McDuffie to nurture and guide his players on and off the field.

Meet the Football Standouts:

  1. Solomon Williams, Edge - Texas A&M University
  2. Izaiah Williams, Wide Receiver - Texas A&M University
  3. Anthony Carrie, Running Back - Georgia Tech
  4. Tavoy Feagin, Defensive Back - Clemson University
  5. Bredell Richardson, Wide Receiver - University of Central Florida
  6. Tayshaun Burney, Defensive Back - Wake Forest University
  7. Talan Dudley, Linebacker - Lehigh University
  8. Juan Garanton, Kicker/Specialist - Bucknell University
  9. Ryan Hussey, Defensive Line - Georgetown University

Coach McDuffie's unwavering dedication to the success of his players was evident as he proudly watched these young athletes take the next step in their journeys. The football program at Carrollwood Day School continues to foster a culture of excellence, producing not only top-tier athletes but also well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of college and beyond.

As these Patriots embark on their collegiate football careers, they carry with them the values instilled by Coach McDuffie, his coaching staff, the Athletics Department, and the entire CDS community. National Signing Day was not just a celebration of athletic achievement; it was a testament to the holistic development that defines the Patriot experience. We wish these student-athletes continued success and look forward to seeing them excel in the next chapter of their lives.