CDS Fifth Graders' Heartfelt Acts of Kindness Reach Ukraine

CDS Fifth Graders' Heartfelt Acts of Kindness Reach Ukraine

In the spring of 2023, Mrs. Monty's fifth-grade students at Carrollwood Day School embarked on a remarkable journey of compassion and empathy as part of their Exhibition project. These young learners, with hearts full of kindness, chose not one but two meaningful ways to take action, making a significant impact on children in Ukraine.

The thoughtful fifth graders decided to donate the funds they earned from Young Entrepreneurs' Day to a cause that resonated deeply with them—UNICEF, specifically to support children in Ukraine. Their decision reflected their awareness of the challenges faced by children in distant lands and their determination to make a difference.

But their commitment didn't stop there. The students went above and beyond by deciding to create a care package for two teachers and students in Ukraine whom they had connected with during their Exhibition journey. Their care package was filled with heartfelt tokens of goodwill, including cards crafted with the help of their Buddy Classes, rainbow loom bracelets in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and various CDS mementos. Dr. Claudia Cooperman generously contributed USF t-shirts, sunglasses, frisbees, water bottles, and drawstring bags to add to the package.

Sending a care package across continents can be quite an adventure. With the assistance of Mrs. Michelle Kunz from the CDS business office, the students successfully shipped their care packages via the United States Postal Service. The package embarked on a journey that took it from the CDS campus to Miami, then to Geneva, Warsaw, and finally to Customs in Ukraine. Unfortunately, by the time the care package reached its destination on July 15th, students were no longer in school. However, the teacher in Ukraine, with whom they had remained in contact, assured them that she would keep the package safe until her students returned in September.

Life often throws unexpected challenges, and this story is no exception. The student's school in Ukraine couldn't use the basement of their building as a shelter due to its historical significance and potential safety concerns. Nevertheless, the caring teacher in Ukraine expressed her gratitude and explained that catching all the students together for a picture was challenging, as they had split into several groups attending school during different weeks.

The journey of this care package serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of kindness, empathy, and determination, transcending borders and connecting hearts across the globe. These fifth graders at CDS have shown that even the smallest acts of kindness can create ripples of hope and change lives far away.


The PYP Exhibition project at Carrollwood Day School is a transformative experience for our fifth-grade students. It represents the culmination of their Primary Years Programme (PYP) journey, where they delve into a self-selected, real-world issue that resonates with them. Over several months, students engage in in-depth research, critical thinking, and problem-solving, showcasing their academic and personal growth. The Exhibition empowers them to take action on global or local issues, fostering a sense of responsibility and global citizenship. It is a celebration of their learning journey, highlighting not just their knowledge but also their compassion, creativity, and the positive impact they can have on the world. Thank you to Mrs. Monty for helping her 2023 5th grade class with their goal and for Mrs. Kunz for making it happen with the post office.