CDS Class of 2013 Reunion: A day to Remember
CDS Class of 2013 Reunion

Reunions are more than just gatherings; they are opportunities to relive cherished memories, reconnect with old friends, and celebrate the journey that began at Carrollwood Day School. Alumni from near and far from the Class of 2013 recently came together to celebrate their 10-year reunion.

The day was nothing short of fantastic, and here's a glimpse of what made it so special:

The reunion festivities started with a delightful luncheon, where countless stories were shared and friendships forged during their time at CDS. The room was filled with chatter, as alumni, staff and faculty caught up with one another. Head of School, Sara Rubinstein also came to visit and get an update from our 2013 alumni as well. Following lunch was the "classroom experience" which was an opportunity for our alumni to interact with both faculty and current students. 

Alumni had the opportunity to explore both the new classrooms and revisit spaces that have undergone remarkable transformations through renovations over the last 10 years. They engaged in heartfelt conversations with our dedicated faculty and staff, fostering connections that spanned years. Moreover, they had the pleasure of meeting with our current CDS students, sharing their own current and past experiences, and illuminating how their time at CDS served as the catalyst for their personal journeys to their current destinations. 

Class of 2013 Reunion - Classroom Experiences

As the day progressed, the class of 2013 alumni converged to the heart of our institution, the Wagner Entrepreneurial Center, for a heartwarming champagne toast. The air was filled with celebration as the bubbly libations flowed, toasts were raised, and alumni rejoiced in their remarkable achievements since their graduation day.

Class of 2013 Reunion - Champagne Toast

No reunion is complete without a good old-fashioned tailgate party. On the field, alumni reminisced about football games, pep rallies, and all the exciting times spent on these hallowed grounds. Then, as the sun began to set, it was time for a warm welcome back to the field. The Class of 2013 was celebrated and recognized for their significant milestone, ten years after their graduation.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Class of 2013 was welcomed back to the field with open arms. This warm embrace acknowledged their significant ten-year milestone since graduation. The day culminated with alumni cheering on the CDS Patriots at the kickoff, reliving the excitement of high school football games. It was a chance to reconnect with the indomitable school spirit and craft new memories while revisiting the old.

Stay tuned for more CDS updates and events. Go Patriots! 🎉🏈 

CDS Class of 2013 Reunion
CDS Class of 2013 Reunion


A huge thank you to all our Alumni who came to the Class of 2013 Reunion! 

Grace Ann (Kerkvliet) Bayless

Tim DeBoer

Collin DeBosier

Haley (Edson) DeBosier

Andy Embody

Jake Gersten

Chris Mane

Kate Moody

Nicole Neugebauer

Vinson Saracino

Haley Schabes

Jarrod Smith

T.J. St. John

Marissa (Walton) Townsend

Anayah Walker


If you are a CDS Alumni and would like to share your accomplishments, please reach out to our Director of Alumni Engagement, Ashely Gerb, at and let us know what you have been up to since leaving CDS. We look forward to hearing from you!