CDS 1st Grader, Niam K., Wins 1st Place for Water Conservation Poster Contest


Celebrating Our Young Environmentalist

The future is bright when we have a young environmentalist who is passionate about preserving our planet. CDS is excited to celebrate Niam K., an inspiring first-grade student, who has brought home the first prize in the Hillsborough County Drop Savers Water Conservation Poster Contest! Let's take a moment to applaud this talented and creative mind for his commitment to sustainability and raising awareness on such an important issue. Join us as we dive into the story of this young champion and be inspired by their dedication to making a positive impact in our world.

Overview of the 2023 Drop Savers Water Conservation Poster Contest

The Drop Savers contest is open to all students in grades K-5 in the Tampa Bay area. The contest challenges young artists to create a poster that promotes water conservation.

Niam's poster features a simple but powerful message: 'Every drop counts!' By raising awareness about the importance of conserving water, we can all help make a difference in protecting our environment. His artwork displays the water cycle from the lens in which he sees it.

Overview of the Prize Received by the Student

Two representatives from Hillsborough County visited CDS to present the following prize to Niam and his class; 
- Customized water bottles for the entire class that had Niam's artwork imprinted on them.
- Posters of Niam's artwork to take home and to display in their art classroom and home classroom.
- Water conservation retrofit kits for the entire class (low-flow aerators and showerheads, toilet leak detection dye tablets, hose nozzle, and more).
- Inclusion of Niam's artwork on promotional materials for future contests
- Advancement to the Statewide-Level FSAWWA Drop Savers Poster Contest for additional prizes

Congratulations Niam!

We are so proud of Niam's achievement and we commend all of the participants for their creative and thought-provoking submissions. We look forward to seeing more great artwork from Carrollwood Day School students in next year's contest!

To view more photos, take a peek at the gallery.