Catching up with the Embody Brothers!
Billy Embody, Class of 2010
Billy Embody, Class of 2010


CDS Class of 2010 - Billy graduated from SMU in 2014 and is currently working for 247Sports covering LSU and SMU basketball, football and recruiting. After starting in 2012 as the SMU publisher for, Billy moved to Baton Rouge to cover LSU for in July 2016. 247Sports, acquired by CBS Sports in 2015, is one of the largest original sports news companies in the world with nearly 25 million unique users visiting a month.

During the NFL season, Billy works with the Washington Redskins as a Team Operations Assistant during the fall. What started as a college job given to him by another CDS connection (Paul Kelly) when he was a Freshman has continued for 9-years. For Redskins’ road games, he coordinates hotel, airport, stadium and transportation logistics for the team for each road game. 


Andy Embody, Class of 2013

CDS Class of 2013 - Andy is living in Dallas, Texas and working for an experiential marketing agency that gets hired by companies to bring their brands to their consumers through live events, primarily around sporting events. In Andy's almost two years with Genesco Sports Enterprises, he has helped lead client programs at various events such as NASCAR and NHRA races, NFL and NHL games. His favorite event to work so far has been the 2019 NHL Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium, where he spent a week in Chicago and South Bend and was fortunate enough to attend the game.





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