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Catching up with Cash!
Cash Coppins, Kitty Lizard
CDS Patriot, Cash Coppins was labeled a budding entrepreneur way back in fifth grade under the guidance of Mrs. Monty during the Young Entrepreneurs Unit. "His mind just worked that way," she said. "You could see his natural inclination to see a problem or opportunity and problem-solve his way through it."
In 7th grade, Cash saw this opportunity in the form of KittyLizard. KittyLizard was invented using a 3D printer and the goal of entertaining and exercising his kitty friends indoors. Read the first article.
Since its inception in 2020, the KittyLizard business and its namesake shop on Etsy have sold over 8,000 units in 26 different countries outside of the US and paid for two additional 3D printers with profits. Cash does the drilling, assembling, operations, and marketing and gets some help with the order fulfillment side of it from his parents. He has noticed an influx around the holiday times and is working on some new designs to keep up with the demand.
Kitty Lizard
When asked what the biggest challenge starting a business has presented, he very quickly said time management. "It's one thing to start a business and have it be your sole focus, but to have to juggle a business, school, and sports is complicated." This is a challenge Cash is willing to work around. As long as there are kitty-loving customers, KittyLizard will be there. 
With Cash being in the upper school this year, we are excited to keep up with KittyLizard and any other entrepreneurial endeavors he pursues. Amazing work Cash.