Carrollwood Day School Receives National School of Character Designation: Nurturing Hearts and Minds for a Better Future

At Carrollwood Day School, education goes beyond academics. It's about instilling core values, shaping character, and preparing students to make a positive impact in the world. We are proud to announce that CDS has been recognized as the only 2023 school in Florida with the National School of Character designation by, a prominent advocate for character development in schools and communities. This prestigious designation reaffirms our unwavering commitment to nurturing the hearts and minds of our students, aligning directly with our mission and vision., led by Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of, certifies schools and districts as National Schools and Districts of Character based on their comprehensive approach to character education. The rigorous evaluation process involves assessing adherence to's 11 Principles Framework for Schools, emphasizing the cultivation of character strengths among students.

The 11 Principles Framework are below:  

Principle 1: Core values are defined, implemented, and embedded into school culture.

Principle 2: The school defines “character” comprehensively to include thinking, feeling, and doing.

Principle 3: The school uses a comprehensive, intentional, and proactive approach to develop character.

Principle 4: The school creates a caring community.

Principle 5: The school provides students with opportunities for moral action.

Principle 6: The school offers a meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that respects all learners, develops their character, and helps them succeed.

Principle 7: The school fosters students’ self-motivation.

Principle 8: All staff share the responsibility for developing, implementing, and modeling ethical character.

Principle 9: The school’s character initiative has shared leadership and long-range support for continuous improvement.

Principle 10: The school engages families and community as partners in the character initiative.

Principle 11: The school assesses its implementation of character education, its culture and climate, and the character growth of students on a regular basis.

To learn more about the 11 Principles Framework click here.

Throughout its history, CDS has remained dedicated to fostering character development within its vibrant school community. Our educators understand that education is not solely about academic achievement but also about nurturing empathy, integrity, and resilience in our students. The alignment of our mission and vision with the criteria set forth by has further solidified our commitment to providing an education that extends beyond the classroom.

The National School of Character designation emphasizes CDS' unwavering dedication to cultivating principled individuals who possess the skills and values necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe that education should go beyond academic success and empower students to become ethical, entrepreneurial thinkers who actively contribute to society. This recognition strengthens our resolve to continue nurturing the hearts and minds of our students, ensuring they are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

CDS recognition as a Florida and National School of Character highlights the strong ethic of care present within our institution. Our students, parents, and community members actively collaborate to create an environment where character thrives. By instilling these values, we empower our students to become responsible citizens, equipped with the tools to make a difference in society. will honor the 2023 National Schools and Districts of Character at its upcoming International Forum in Washington D.C. on November 6-7, 2023. This momentous event will gather educators and leaders who are passionate about character development, celebrating the collective achievements of these exceptional institutions. Carrollwood Day School takes immense pride in being recognized as a leader in character education in Florida.

At Carrollwood Day School, we are honored to be the only school in Florida with the National School of Character designation. This recognition not only validates our commitment to character education but also serves as a testament to the remarkable efforts of our dedicated students, faculty, and staff. As we shape future generations, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide an education that enriches the mind, strengthens character, and inspires the passions of our community. Together, we will continue to make a positive impact in the world and create a brighter future for all.