Budding Entrepreneur

After watching his cats, Biscuits and Gracie, ignore dozens of cat toys to watch lizards out the window, CDS 7th grader Cash had an idea. Using a 3D printer and the goal of entertaining and exercising his kitty friends indoors, Cash created a tiny plastic jointed lizard powered by an invisible fishing line. Biscuits and Gracie loved it so much, Cash made more and "KittyLizards" was created. 

KittyLizard has it's on Etsy shop and is Cash's first venture into business. He is learning about organization, inventory management, production from start to finish, packaging, product presentation, spreadsheets, shipping, customer service, problem-solving, quality control, and of course time management. KittyLizard orders have been coming in from around the country and internationally, with the latest all the way from Singapore! 

Cash, 5th Grade Entrepreneur

Cash's fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Monty, remarked that "this has always been my desire starting back when I created this aspect of the business unit of inquiry. My goal was that our students would realize that they actually can create their own business and that they do actually take that exciting first step to create their very own business." 

Kitty Lizard

Cash is well on his way to a successful business with KittyLizard. After 3D printing these precious and very entertaining Cat Toys that look and move just like real lizards, he drills a tiny hole in the nose of the lizard, then connects the lizard and the silver keyring with fishing twine. This twine allows for the fluid movement when the already flexible lizard is pulled by the keyring!  All of this was designed and constructed originally by Cash. 

We are so proud of Cash's innovation and entrepreneurialism with KittyLizard. Keep it up Cash!

Thank you to Cash, Mrs. Coppins, and CDS fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Monty for contributing to this article.