And the gold medal goes to...
N'Jhari Congressional Award

While at CDS, N'Jhari Jackson, Class of 2019, was awarded The Silver Congressional Award. A high honor, but for N'Jhari, that wasn't the end. He wanted gold. And when N'Jhari sets his mind on a goal, he doesn't stop until he accomplishes it. On January 23, 2020, N'Jhari was awarded the Gold Congressional Award for his work in public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition/exploring. 

N'Jhari Congressional Award 2020

Since graduating from CDS in 2019, N'Jhari has been busy at the University of Florida. He is continuing his volunteer work to help educate about sudden cardiac arrest in student-athletes by participating in the 15th Annual Heart-to-Heart Parent Heart Watch Conference. He also just published his 4th book "Just a Teen in Today's America," plays Florida Club Football, and volunteers as a UF Promise Ambassador.

N'Jhari Jackson CDS Alumni 2019

As he heads to Paris in a couple of weeks to participate in the study abroad program, we at CDS eagerly await the next update from N'Jhari. 


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