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A roadmap for success
Carter C. Debate Book

When Class of 2023 CDS student, Carter C. was a sophomore, he was tasked with choosing a topic for his International Baccalaureate (IB) personal project. What started as a school project, quickly progressed into a passion project and eventually a published book. 

Carter's book, "IT'S ALL DEBATEable: An Unofficial Lincoln-Douglas Debate Guide" was inspired by his debate experiences and to encourage and grow the CDS debate team. An award-winning debater, Carter has been fortunate to have had success but it is the perspective that he has gained from mistakes and pitfalls that has made for the most learning. His goal with this book was to create a road map on how to be successful in an easy-to-understand format for students to help them get started and understand debate. "I feel like the process and skills you learn with debate is something all students should learn," says Carter. "Learning both the affirmative and negative of a topic for a debate correlates directly with trying to understand all sides of an argument in everyday life." 

Since publishing his book, Carter has used it at workshops he has run and for a reminder of tips and tricks he's learned along the way. 

Check out Carter's book on Amazon

Thank you to Carter C. for sharing his work and to CDS Speech and Debate advisor, Paul Jannereth who has and continues to instill a love for debate in his students.