5th Grade Changemakers

Fifth graders have been immersed in their Peace and Conflict Unit called Taking a Stand where the Central Idea is Conflict commands change. During this Unit of Inquiry, CDS 5th graders explored the events surrounding the American Revolution, as well as some current conflicts. Students examined the causes of conflicts, the possible resolutions, and potential ways to avoid conflict while also identifying the impact of these conflicts on society.

The students then had the incredible opportunity to explore the life of a changemaker of their choice. They researched their changemaker which entailed learning more than just the typical biographical information. They had to dig deeper to determine what their changemaker did and the impact they had. Some changemakers, the students found, were not just peacemakers and philanthropic, but had some conflict attached to them. This taught a powerful lesson that people, even those who incite change might also incite conflict. This taught the lesson of and not just or. 

They were challenged to transform into their changemakers as they brought them to life during our Changemaker Museum which took place in the Elementary Courtyard for our parents, teachers, staff, and student body. From Greta Van Thunberg to Gandhi to Princess Diana, the students truly embodied their changemakers and told their stories of inspiration and strength to parents, students, teachers, and staff as they approached. It was incredible seeing these amazing Inquirers and Communicators bring their learning to life! 


Thank you to the 5th-grade team of Victoria Kerr, Barbie Monty, Stephanie Rodriguez, Van Tran, and Sarah Viera, for facilitating this inspirational lesson.