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11th Grade Awards

The Upper School faculty and pleased to announce the outstanding 11th grade students who were recognized this year for their exemplary accomplishments in the classroom, athletics and arts, and for their contributions within our school community and beyond.

Academic Awards
Academic awards are given to one student per grade level for outstanding academic achievement and commitment as well as their appreciation and interest in the subject.

11th grade award winners:

Language & Literature Excellence Award: Hailee S.
Language & Literature Commitment Award: Vikram B.
French Excellence Award:    Hailey A.-K. & George-Henry C.-G.
French Commitment Award: Austin S. & Brooke W.
Spanish Excellence Award: TC L. & JD B.
Spanish Commitment Award: Lola B. & Jack S.
Psychology Excellence Award: Mahir S.
Psychology Commitment Award: Kelley M.
Global Politics Excellence Award: Hailey A.-K.
Global Politics Commitment Award: Brennan L.
History Excellence Award: Hailee S.
History Commitment Award: Jake G.
Business Management Excellence Award: JD B.
Business Management Commitment Award: Joanie H.
Biology Excellence Award: Mahir S.
Biology Commitment Award: Jaxon G.
Chemistry Excellence Award: Evan H.
Chemistry Commitment Award: Madeline M.
Physics Excellence Award: Vikram B.
Physics Commitment Award: JD B.
Environmental Systems and Societies Excellence Award: Kyra O.
Environmental Systems and Societies Commitment Award: Ethan E.
Sports Exercise and Health Science Excellence Award: Jacob G.
Sports Exercise and Health Science Commitment Award: Andre R.
Computer Science Excellence Award: Aryan B.
Computer Science Commitment Award: Zoe W.
Anatomy & Physiology Excellence Award: Issa J.
Anatomy & Physiology Commitment Award: Bryce B.
Mathematics Statistics and Probability Excellence Award:  Christian C.
Mathematics Statistics and Probability Commitment Award:  Montrail H.
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL Excellence Award:  Evan H.
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL Commitment Award:  Finlay O.
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL Excellence Award: Carter C.
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL Commitment Award: Jason G.
Mathematics Applications and Interpretations Excellence Award: Ethan E.
Mathematics Applications and Interpretations Commitment Award: Pham V.
Strength and Conditioning Commitment Award: Montrail H.
Performing Arts Excellence Award: Kate W.
Performing Arts Commitment Award: Cayden M.
Visual Arts Excellence Award: Lola B.
Visual Arts Commitment Award: Kaitlyn B.
Music Excellence Award: Nicholas K.
Music Commitment Award: TC L.

Head of Upper School's Award
The Head of Upper School Award is given to one male and one female student in each grade in recognition of his and her academic motivation and perseverance, and who exercise responsibility, demonstrate the value of hard work, strive to fulfill his and her potential, and who make positive contributions to the school community.

Head of Upper School Award: Ethan E.
Head of Upper School Award: Kyra O.

Athletic Awards

Male Athlete of the Year: Eddie P.
Female Athlete of the Year: Taylor L.
Male Scholar Athlete of the Year: Carter C.
Female Scholar Athlete of the Year: Maddie M.
Male Sportsmanship Award: Finlay O.
Female Sportsmanship Award: Kyra O.

Faculty Award
The Faculty Award is presented to one high school student who best demonstrates excellence in academics, participates willingly in extra-curricular activities, performs selflessly in community service, and exhibits outstanding qualities of citizenship. 

Faculty Award: Joanie H.

Parker Hayes Good Mood Character Award
The Parker Hayes Good Mood Character Award is granted to a CDS junior who best exemplifies CDS values including curiosity and interest in learning, leadership, caring and empathy, integrity, loyalty, and a sense of humor. The recipient should wear a smile on his/her face and understand, as Parker wrote in his college essay, “the fine line between success and adversity can be changed by just a grin or a little eye twinkle.” He/she always acts with kindness and makes everyone know they are a valued member of the community. 

Parker Hayes Good Mood Character Award: Kate W.

Anne Frank Humanitarian Award
The Florida Holocaust Museum’s Anne Frank Humanitarian Award honors current juniors of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Do you know a junior who is an amazing humanitarian? Someone who has made a conscious decision to better the lives of other individuals or groups either inside or outside of school?

Anne Frank Humanitarian Award Tejas R.

Book Awards
CDS is honored to partner with leading colleges and universities from across the United States to recognize high school juniors who demonstrate great academic achievement, leadership, service and character. 

Princeton University Book Award: Hailee S.
The criterion for the selection of this student includes intellectual promise and academic excellence, exemplary service or extracurricular activities, and outstanding personal character.
Jefferson Book Award – University of Virginia: Finlay O.
This award is presented to the junior who best represents the Jeffersonian ideals of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. The well-rounded student, rather than the person with the highest GPA, should be chosen.
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award – University of Rochester TC L.
The recipient has demonstrated high achievement and rigor in science and math classes and has made positive contributions to their school and within the larger community.
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award –  University of Rochester Lola B.
Criteria for this award include demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to community action, and strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences.
George Eastman Young Leaders Award –  University of Rochester Vikram B.
The recipient of this award must have strong leadership experience at school and in the community, high grades and challenging courses, and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.
Xerox Award for Innovation and IT – University of Rochester Asher G.
This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area, who has had exposure to new technologies outside of school, such as pursuing serious work opportunities in local laboratories or industry, and leads other students to new approaches to old problems.
Assumption University Keira M.
This award is presented to an outstanding junior who exemplifies academic success, leadership qualities, and concern for others.
Rensselaer Math and Science Medal: Carter C.
This award is presented to a student who has distinguished him/herself in science and mathematics
Wake Forest University Book Award: Andy J.
The recipient will embody these values:  a commitment to liberal learning, openness to new ideas and the pursuit of truth, and a recognition of his or her responsibility to serve and guide society.   
Brandeis Book Award: Madeline M.
The Brandeis Book Award recognizes an outstanding high school junior committed to social action or civic engagement.   
High Point University Book Award: Ryan S.
This award is presented to a strong academic student and engaged member of their school and community who has demonstrated leadership and achievement in one or more of the following activities: an area of academic interest, community service, the arts, athletics, entrepreneurial endeavors or international adventures  
Xavier University (OH) Book Award:                                       Luke V., Joanie H., & George-Henry C.-G.
Recipients of this award are illustrious students who practice higher thinking and aspire for greatness. They must be academically talented and act as a leaders in their school community.