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10th Grade Awards

The Upper School faculty and pleased to announce the outstanding 10th grade students who are being recognized this year for their exemplary accomplishments in the classroom, athletics and arts, and for their contributions within our school community and beyond.

Academic Awards
Academic awards are given to one student per grade level for outstanding academic achievement and commitment as well as their appreciation and interest in the subject.

10th grade award winners:

Language and Literature Academic Excellence Award: Carly E.
Language and Literature Academic Commitment Award: Jacob Z.
French Academic Excellence Award:    Madison B.
French Academic Commitment Award: Chelsea A.
Spanish Academic Excellence Award: Valentina R.
Spanish Academic Commitment Award: Austin F.
U.S. History Academic Excellence Award:   Ava O. & Katia T.
U.S. History Academic Commitment Award: Ethan H. & Cheyenne I.
Chemistry Academic Excellence Award:   Ethan H. & Anika S.
Chemistry Academic Commitment Award: Isabel L. & Aditi K.
Physics Academic Excellence Award:   Adele S.
Physics Academic Commitment Award: Wyatt W.
IB MYP Personal Project Academic Excellence Award: Shelby T.
IB MYP Personal Project Academic Commitment Award: Bhuvi R.
Cybersecurity Academic Excellence Award:   Jack R.
Cybersecurity Academic Commitment Award: Murphy S.
Mathematics Academic Excellence Award:   Valentina R., Ava O., & Anika S.
Mathematics Academic Commitment Award: Lucy P., Lauren S., & Rohan P.
Entrepreneurship Academic Excellence Award:   Logan W.
Entrepreneurship Academic Commitment Award: Suma A.
Engineering Academic Excellence Award:   Bhuvi R.
Engineering Academic Commitment Award: Annnika H.
Physical Education Academic Excellence Award:   KC L.
Physical Education Academic Commitment Award: Kaleb R.-H.
Performing Arts Artistic Commitment Award: Jenna N,
Visual Arts Artistic Excellence Award:   Michael R.
Music Artistic Excellence Award: Lisabeth G. & Isabel L.
Music Artistic Commitment Award: Ethan A., Vasilos S. & Chelsea A.
Journalism Academic Academic Commitment Award:    Adele S.
Economics Academic Excellence Award: Dylan S.
Economics Academic Commitment Award: Morgan A.
Digital Media Creation Academic Excellence Award:   Lucy P.
Digital Media Creation Academic Commitment Award: Ethan A.

Head of Upper School's Award
The Head of Upper School Award is given to one male and one female student in each grade in recognition of his and her academic motivation and perseverance, and who exercise responsibility, demonstrate the value of hard work, strive to fulfill his and her potential, and who make positive contributions to the school community.

Head of Upper School Award: Ethan H.
Head of Upper School Award: Katia T.