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Nicole Ragan

Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics

In schools across the nation there is a growing emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (STEM) as our country strives to maintain its global leadership and competitive position. At Carrollwood Day School, a fifth discipline, entrepreneurship, has been added to leverage the value of theoretical STEM skills. Entrepreneurial thinking skills enable our students to connect their STEM knowledge with real-world problems. The fusion of STEM with the entrepreneurial spirit - understanding and applying the innovative process - will allow CDS graduates to be the leaders they have the capacity to be.

Each year, faculty, resources, facilities, and programs are expanded to support STEM education at CDS.

In 2016 CDS began community partnerships with the University of South Florida and Nielsen that aim to better engage students in meaningful STEM activities and spark an interest in STEM education and career fields. Read more...

  • STEM learning starts organically at the ECC. All aspects of STEM occur daily in our youngest students’ educational experiences
  • Our one-to-one BYOD program includes fourth grade through high school.
  • Elementary students problem-solve, create, and collaborate in their  MakerLab.
  • Elementary STEM Coordinator, Mrs. Barbara Hawkins, inspires students in the MakerLab.
  • Middle school has three Design Technology teachers and labs. 
  • High school and middle school students conceive and develop ideas in the Center for Innovation. The Center for Innovation, located next to the high school visual arts studio, offers students a learning environment with advanced technologies and flexible work spaces. It is a hub for student learning, research, communication, collaboration and creativity. 
  • In the high school, 9th and 10th grade students can elect to follow one of two strands of computer technology: IB MYP Design Computer Programming Technology or IB MYP Design Entrepreneurship Technology.  At the DP level, students can take IB DP Computer Technology [SL/HL].
  • STEEM Education