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Stacey Frankel, Assistant Head of Middle School
Nicole Ragan

Mrs. Stacey Frankel

Assistant Head of Middle School for Academics

 B.A., English/Education, Otterbein College

Employed Since 1993

Stacey Frankel has been a Language Arts Teacher in the CDS Middle School since 1993, the second year CDS had a middle school. Over the years, she has been instrumental in helping to develop the curriculum, culture, and traditions of the CDS Middle School. In the classroom she is known for her warmth, enthusiasm, and compassion. Stacey's love of literature is surpassed only by the pride she takes in her students and their work. From blackout poetry to Shakespeare Festival, Stacey has inspired her students to explore, enjoy, and create literature on the road to becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the world. In addition to her official classroom duties, Stacey has helped both middle school and upper school students strengthen their executive functioning skills, writing, reading, character development, and build their self confidence with their work. As Chair of the MS Language Arts Department and 7th Grade Lead Teacher, she also works closely with her colleagues and helped many new teachers hone their skills. Over the past few years, Stacey has collaborated with the upper school administration and faculty on a rigorous project to articulate and align the language and literature curriculum between the two divisions. Stacey attended The Ohio State University and graduated from Otterbein University with a double major BA degree in English and Education.

Stacey was appointed Assistant Head of Middle School in August 2020.

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