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Sabrina McCartney MYP Coordinator
Nicole Ragan

Sabrina McCartney

Bearss Avenue Campus

MYP Coordinator, MYP Service Coordinator, MYP US Humanities Teacher



M.A., University of South Florida 
B.A., University of South Florida 
C.A.G.S. in Educational Leadership, University of New England 


Employed Since 1996

June 2014:  Sabrina McCartney completed her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership from the University of New England.  

"My journey has led me to improve my skills and understandings of educational practices and leadership in this millennium as both an IB coordinator and teacher.  I truly am able to provide advice to my high school students about what it means to be an online learner at the university level. A post on social media is very different than in a classroom."

Summer 2013: In preparation for her move from middle school humanities to high school, Mrs. McCartney attended a DP workshop in Atlanta, GA. She also led PYP workshops in Atlanta and Texas and taught online courses for the IB.  Recognized by the IB as an SME, subject matter expert, she collaborated with tech people to redesign IB workshops for teachers.

May 2012:  Students throughout the state compete for the best portfolio performance in the Florida Stock Market Challenge, a program of the Florida Council on Economic Education.  This year, teams from Mrs. McCartney's 8th grade humanities classes placed 1st and 3rd for the Gulf Coast Region.

April 2012:  Mrs. Sabrina McCartney traveled to The Hague to be part of a working group on the PYP/MYP common planner project. In addition to working on the PYP/MYP common planner project, Mrs. McCartney’s IB experience is extensive and includes being an IBO Online Course Facilitator, MYP: Humanities Review 2014, IBA Volunteer (since 2006):  workshop leader; PYP consultant, site visitor and reviewer of Applications; author /workshop leader of MYP/PYP continuum workshop in Americas Region, and executive board member of The Florida League of International Baccalaureate Schools (2009- 2011).

  • Carrollwood Day School is the only school in the United States selected to be part of a pilot project that looks at the commonalities in the planning of both the PYP and MYP programmes. Anticipated project outcomes include: increasing teacher collaboration across the programmes, strengthening understanding of the planning process in schools that have both programmes, and supporting the effective transition of students from the PYP to the MYP. The pilot started in September 2010 and concludes in July 2012 at which time decisions will be made about the future development of a common planner. A final report on the pilot project will be made available to all IB World Schools.

March 2012:  Sabrina McCartney was recommended by the University of South Florida's Stavros Center to serve on an educator review committee for the Council for Economic Education. Ms. McCartney’s appointment was based on her numerous awards for excellence in teaching economic education. She will provide guidance and feedback during the writing process of the CEE's Voluntary National Standards. Ms. McCartney began her committee work over spring break.

Summer 2011: Mrs. McCartney led a breakout session at the 2010 IB Conference of the Americas.

  • Creating a Nurturing, Open Minded School
    Creating the open minded student, which is so much at the core of our IB learner profile is not without its challenges and difficulties. This presentation will examine how one IB continuum school, Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, Florida, copes with that challenge through character development and cultural exploration the session will provide opportunity for sharing strategies and discussing relevant experiences that other IB institutions have brought to bear in this important area.

May 2011:  Mrs. McCartney received a Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Economics by the Florida Council for the lessons she wrote corresponding to the Stock Market Simulation Game. The lessons included analyzing current events and their impact on the markets and becoming future financial advisors.  A team from her 8th grade humanities class placed 2nd in the the Stock Market Challenge sponsored by the Florida Council on Economic Education

November 2009:  Mrs. McCartney led a session at the FCIS Convention.

  • The Big Picture:  Moving from Content to Concepts
    Is it possible to teach everything?  As new information emerges at exponential rates, how do we decide what to teach?  This session will focus on conceptual teaching and learning.  Teachers will gain both theory and practical examples for their own classroom.

February 2009:  Mrs. McCartney was awarded an $1,000 savings bond for her first place win in the 2008-2009 Lesson Plan of the Year contest sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

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