When Hollywood Calls...

When Hollywood Calls...
Gabriel Rojas Alumni
Leah Vicencio
CDS Alums, Leah Vicencio and Gabriel Rojas, recently collaborated together to submit a 5-minute film in one week to the Campus Movie Fest at the University of Florida. Leah was the director, editor, and producer and Gabriel was the director of photography and camera operator. Out of 69 films submitted, the duo was chosen as one of the top 4! The film also won best story and actress.
Leah Vicencio Campus Movie Fest
The film was called "Fake the Stakes" and will go on to compete in Hollywood, CA in June with the other top 4 films from other universities in the nation. If they place in the top again, they go on to the Cannes Film Festival. Leah and Gabriel have been working together on films and presentations since their CDS days, where both were presenters at CDS TedX. 
Upon winning, they give a big, heartfelt shout out to Mr. Spaulding for giving them a strong foundation in film production.

Check out Leah and Gabriel's movie here.

Your Patriot Nation is cheering for you guys. Good luck!


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