Continuing her artistic journey

Continuing her artistic journey

Kaylee Sibelle is a CDS Class of 2021 graduate and Florida State University Freshmen. While at CDS, Kaylee's Kaylee's striking photography series, "Colors of COVID" was selected to compete at the 14th Congressional District and Next Generation High School Art Competition and was on display at the Tampa Museum of Art, where it won 1st place in the photography division. Kaylee also shared her passion and talent of art as a volunteer in the CDS aftercare program and planned on continuing her art while at FSU.

Most recently, Kaylee submitted artwork to The Crafted Narrative, a collaborative exhibition of Art Hosted by Limestone University and Florida State University. The exhibition will feature art that exemplifies the importance of creative storytelling through visual, audio and written media. Kaylee's piece, Faces from the Factory, a dress with a pattern of minimalistic faces, was chosen to be part of the exhibit.

Kaylee Dress

When asked about the submission Kaylee said, "I wanted the viewer to think about how their clothes are made and address the reality of child labor and modern-day slavery. To do this I made a dress and created a pattern on it made up of minimalistic faces that could be interpreted as any age and that are drawn to look tired and overworked. I chose to use a red material for the dress since red is associated with danger and warning, as well as seductiveness."

Congratulations Kaylee. We miss you!

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