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2000 Alumni Laine Says: "Come With Me"

2000 Alumni Laine Says: "Come With Me"
Laine With Love

Combining her gift of writing with her love of music and theatre, CDS 8th grade Alumni, Laine Melendy, has turned the page on a new chapter in her life. At the age of 35, Laine has put her poetry to music and successfully released three songs. "I lost someone very close to me about 6-months ago. I have always enjoyed music and theater and written my own songs. This person always wanted me to pursue it, so I have been channeling my grief into starting a music career."

Laine's first song, "What If", was written as a poem, never intended for a song, directly after learning of her loved ones passing. The second, "With Love" was written in the middle of a difficult time with the same person. "My process in writing music has always been birthed from grief. It's a coping mechanism for me and I write every day. I'm just glad I get to do something positive with it! I write, arrange, and perform all of my own music. I try to be honest about who I am and take the listeners on a journey with me that it’s okay to be who you are. I am a proud LGBTQ artist."

Fun facts about Laine:

  • She started writing at CDS actually in journals as poetry- and participated in the talent shows playing piano and singing Shania Twain! 
  • She was in Annie (role of Pepper) and The Secret garden productions through CDS’ musical theater program and also sang at her 8th-grade graduation. 
  • Laine was a cheerleader at CDS and continued to cheer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • She started writing music when her friend passed when she was 16 - she entered and won her high school talent show with that song senior year, as well as a local (then wild 98.7) 94.1 singer/songwriting competition. 

CDS is so excited to share Laine's work with our community. We take great pride in all of our alumni's accomplishments in life. 

Check out Laine's work here.

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