2022 - 2027 Strategic Plan

Patriot Nation, as we celebrate our 40th year, I am thrilled to present our strategic plan. The plan is the culmination of years of work with our Board of Trustees, strategic planning steering committee, faculty, staff, and administration, and our partnership with our consultant, Tucker Branham from Change, Develop, Move. I can’t thank everyone who contributed enough for helping shape the dynamic plan I am honored to present to you now:

The Patriot Promise: Prepared & Inspired

With the culmination of our last strategic plan--the construction of our new Center for Innovation--in sight, we began the strategic planning process before Covid, little knowing how much our lives were about to be turned upside down. The world in which we started to dream and plan for the next phase of our school's evolution and growth looked a lot different than the world we live in now. Covid brought new vocabularies and new paradigms to school and work--social distancing, distance learning, quarantine protocols, the growth of the test-optional movement, and the realignment of the meaning of balance in work and life. We have experienced a seismic shift in the ways in which we think about work, life, and learning.

We have experienced a seismic shift in the ways in which we think about work, life, and learning. 

Luckily, as we faced all of these changes and unknowns and continued with our strategic work, it became clearer than ever that CDS has a mission and vision uniquely designed to meet this moment of history and to position our graduates as leaders in the world of tomorrow. Our vision is to build a community prepared and inspired to better the world. That blend of rigorous preparation with inspirational methodology all in the service of the greater good is the special sauce of CDS, the blend of ethics and ambition that make our graduates unique. We accomplish it through our mission: As an IB world school, we develop principled entrepreneurial thinkers for a global society by enriching the mind, strengthening the character, and inspiring the passions of our community. Our students learn not just to memorize others' ideas but to develop ideas of their own, relevant to a global context, and then, through our insistence on inquiry-driven and active pedagogy, to put those ideas to work in the world.

As they engage in that work, we make sure that the environment is one governed by our shared values.





Thank you to the entire Patriot Nation

To get to the point where we are now with a comprehensive roadmap for the next five years at Carrollwood Day School was no small feat. This has been the collective, comprehensive effort of the entire CDS community. We are grateful for the thoughtful insight from our community of parents, trustees, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents of alumni who contributed through surveys, focus groups, and working sessions. We are thankful for the leadership and vision of our Strategic Planning Steering Committee members, in partnership with our consultant, Change, Develop, Move.